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Toraiz Squid Feature Request: Program Change Sent on Pattern Change

It seems that currently there is no mechanism for sending program changes during a set to select different sounds. To fix this, my proposal is to store program and bank numbers with a pattern and have an option to have the Squid transmit them when new patterns are selected. 

In the case of a pattern set, there may be a lot of data being sent at the start of the pattern (up to 16 program changes). So I also propose that program & bank changes only be sent if they are different than the one from the previous pattern. 


Dave Thomas

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Thank you for your feedback, We will forward this information to the production team.

Carmelo Figueroa
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I agree that program and bank change for pattern is much more useful.


Some other option can be added. 

When project is changed sequencing are stopped. Only solution now is to pause sequencing before change project. Then sequencing start automatically.

Maybe there is possibility to add option for project (auto start and without autostart)

Janusz Szwarc 1 vote
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First, I love that the Squid has program change! Thank you Toraiz team! I also agree that having a few program changes available for pattern sets would be cool! Though I am not quite sure how this could be implemented. The Pattern Set screen doesn't have any parameter showing on the left side, perhaps it could fit there.

Jake Russo 0 votes
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