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Is there a way to rewind a track back to the first memory cue point?

I like how it auto starts the Cue/playback head to the first cue point when you first load a track.  My question is, is there a way to rewind back to that, isntead of the beginning of the track?

For example, if a track has a second of silence before the first beat, then we want to start on the first beat.  This is where the existing functionality shines - when we load, and then play, it will play where we want it to, not the absolute beginning.

But when rewinding with double tap left Search (this is on DDJ-1000 btw) or, I think, Shift Cue, it goes to the absolute beginning!  So if I want to be able to scan through a track on my upcoming deck, then go back to the beginning, I still have to create a Hot Cue if I want a one button solution to get back there.  (I could Shift-Search through the Memory Cues too I know, but if I have 10, that could take a while and more attention to look which cue I am on.)

It would be nice to get back to that first memory cue with a one touch solution and thus not have to waste a hot cue on it!

The only other thing I can think if is to eject and reload the track?  But from what Ive searched, there is no way to eject from the controller.  I guess I could double click Search to the previous or next track, and back again.  Any other ideas?

I am about to start tagging my library for hot cues... but I really don't want to do it until i am sure that I really need a hot cue "wasted" as it were on the beginning of each track.  Assuming there is no other solution, I guess I will have to decide if loading another track and back again is reasonable enough to get back to the first marker quickly.

It would be very nice as a feature suggestion if there was an option to set Shift Cue to go back to the first marker instead! :)

Emerson Wong

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nice suggestion, but you're describing the whole point of the Hot Cue buttons providing the one button solution for getting around a track.  Moving to suggestions so it can be seen as a wanted set up.

Jay 0 votes

Thanks Jay!  Yeah it would be cool to be able to have the option for Shift Cue to either go to actual start or to the first memory cue.  I am just trying to use less Hot Cues so I am more backwards compatible with units that might only have three Hot Cues, for example.  (also less visually going on)  I guess in the meantime, the quickest way to do this without a Hot Cue is to use left Search to rewind, then Shift + right Search to go to the first Memory Cue.  I'll have to see what happens on songs where the cue is pretty much at the start already though.

Emerson Wong 0 votes