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SP-16 drifts out of MIDI sync when changing patterns


I have tried to sync with the SP-16 as slave both over USB (from multiple DAWs) and over MIDI DIN (from multiple hardware units, including an MX-1). In all cases, the sync starts to drift after a while, even when the SP-16 displays a solid BPM on the MIDI clock. This has the effect that the beat becomes increasingly out of sync over time. This makes it impossible to record a full, on-the-beat, arrangement from the SP-16 when it is set as a slave.

Note that the drift only happens when the SP-16 changes patterns, either by being in arrangement mode or by the user toggling patterns during playback. If I loop just one pattern it never drifts. This leads me to believe that each pattern change adds a short time shift that over time becomes quite noticeable.

I really hope that you plan to provide a bug fix release that addresses the MIDI issues that make the SP-16 so difficult to use in a production context. Other than that, it has been a solid product in my experience.


Kim André Sand

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This is a MAJOR problem that has existed since day one and nothing has been done about it. It forces you to use the SP-16 as the master in all situations which is unacceptable. You can't even sync 2x SP-16s together because one has to be configured as slave and in doing so, you lose reliable clock. If I want to use the SP-16 as a slave, I have to manual stop and start my live set every 15 minutes or so to get everything to temporarily sync back up.

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