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RB DMX 1 Lighting Mode


The dimmer midi and pannel knob control in 5.5.0, is a good step, even with the slow slow updates/fix of RB-DMX1.

Some ideas for midi functions :

_a Button/ midi controlled "reset all" (reset all lighting button activated in lighting panel), because sometimes the user don't remember that the strobe button  is on, the red is on, the club2 is on, the High is on........It could be more easy with one button/midi to desactivate in one time all that was selected in live during the lighting show.

_ a midi/pannel knob to change the gobos.

_ a midi/button to activate the prism of Moving head.

and a scripted Midi lighting record per track (saved with phrase)  that can replay all Midi action in live, during the light show.

And the more important some statics scene by default when music is off.  

But i know, it's slow slow slow, to update RB_DMX1, as if the lighting part of Rekordbox programming code was bought once time, without the developpers.






Olivier Frappier Answered

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Thanks for the feedback Olivier, those are all already things on the list, but we don't have a timeline for their implementation.


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Yes, we got lots of big features (lighting and lyric support) but then very little incremental updates since then.  Hoping there's something big around the corner with the new streaming services.  Would love to keep my RB-DMX1 but may get rid of it since it doesn't offer much to the working DJ.  We need static scenes, and some basic gobo support, even if it is just manual control for now!

DJ Chase 0 votes

There are lots of things on the horizon, and we certainly take user feedback into consideration. Thanks!

Pulse 0 votes

Where is the horizon?  As far as I know, you can never reach the horizon! C'mon PULSE you need to be a bit more forthcoming about the updates. There should have been a steady rush of updates in the first few months of launch. Not 18 months and nothing.....

I agree with DJ Chase... we need static scenes, gobo selection at an absolute BARE minimum. 

I don't believe Pioneer have anything planned. It doesn't take 18 months to take user feedback into consideration!

I don't believe you take any feedback into consideration, if you did, you would be keen to implement them. 

But no thanks.

Fivefortyfour 0 votes

Sorry, even if I knew something was coming out TODAY I couldn't post about it.

We are all well aware of what it needs - there are still many things on the list I personally pointed out from before it launched. You're not going unheard, there are things in the pipeline.

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