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Toraiz Squid Feature Request: Pattern Set Chains

Some sort of arrangement feature is needed, for building up longer musical ideas (e.g. songs) on the Squid. An ability to set up chains of pattern sets would accomplish this, without the overhead of implementing a separate Song mode. A pattern set chain would also allow for the playback to be modified in real time while the chain is being paid back.  

There are many ways of implementing a Pattern Set Chain. I propose 16 Pattern Set Chain memories, selectable by button combination, so that they can be called up in performance. Each Pattern Set Chain would be a list of pattern sets, with a 2nd column for the number of times that Pattern Set would be played.

Optionally, for more complete functionality, two additional columns could be added- a Tempo column, and a column to specify the playback behavior. For this column, a Loop (x) command should be available, that would loop the Pattern back to start (or just after the previous Loop command) for X number of times before continuing on down the list. This would imitate sheet music directions to repeat sections. Here is an example (hopefully this lines up when I hit submit, we'll see):

P. Set  Reps  BPM  Loop

1          4        120    ----

9          1        120    Loop 1

11        2        125    ----

12        1        125    ----

8          2        130    Loop 2

-           -         -        Loop All  

In this example, Pattern Set 1 would play 4 times, and Pattern Set 9 would play once.  This is repeated one time. Then Pattern Set 11 plays twice, Pattern Set 12 plays once, and Pattern Set 8 plays twice at an increased tempo. This in then repeated twice. Finally, the whole Pattern Set Chain returns to start and repeats. (If you put a pattern chain number there instead with no loop command, it would just sit on that pattern chain and keep playing it, which is useful sometimes). 

(If you're familiar with the Machinedrum, or with tracker software, this should seem familiar). 

Dave Thomas

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Thank you for your feedback, We will forward this information to the production team.

Dj Creme
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I agree 100% with Dave Thomas. Something like the Toraiz SP-16 arrangement mode would be ideal.

The SQUID  is not production ready or the BRAIN of your studio until it has some type of way to change patterns automatically through a composition mode. An alternative solution is to have support for pattern change midi messages (Such as suggested in this other forum post here). This would allow composition to happen through other hardware/software and send change messages to the SQUID (Not ideal but would be way better than it is currently).

This is a necessary feature and was the main reason I purchased it. Pattern SETS are not a composition tool. Seeing as Dave Thomas posted this and the other post mentioned here shows others believe some sort of Pattern Chaining is a necessary feature.

Currently as it is, having to manually flip through patterns to "Chain" them together is not conducive to a live setting or even when working through a song composition in the studio.

Thank you for your time and I hope this reaches your production team. I want to believe in the Toraiz product line and hope this suggestion is implemented to further restore my faith.

Kelvin Minter 3 votes
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Agreed. A song mode is essential. The SP16 does it beautifully. Squid needs it.

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"We will forward this information to the production team."


A: "We don't care, because we already have your money"
B: "We don't know how, because we filled the device with nonsense-features and missed the critical ones."

Torben 0 votes
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Hello Pioneer Team, new user of Squid here - could you please eleborate on above update requests? 

It would be fair to know if development of Squid's firmware had reached its dead end. 

Could you confirm at least that work on the update is in progress?



Pither H 0 votes
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I was just about to arrange a song by using pattern set chaining, so I was reviewing the manual for that section, then I remembered "OH, RIGHT, THAT FEATURE IS SORELY LACKING."  Since it has been 2 years since this feature was requested, surely you must be on the cusp or releasing the new firmware that has this very necessary feature.

fauxstor 0 votes
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