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Connection advice to use Toraiz Squid, SP-16 and AS-1 in Combination with a DAW

Dear Toraiz Team,

I`d like to use the Toraiz Squid, SP-16 and AS-1 in combination with a DAW. My set-up is like displayed in the screen shot plus a USB connection from Squid to my DAW. The issue I faced is that I can`t control the AS-1 from the squid. Connection via MIDI „AS-1 Troaiz“ as well MIDI „THRU“ on the SP-16 are working properly. I guess the perfect solution is to connect SP-16 as well AS-1 via MIDI „1“ and „2 THRU“ to the Squid but I haven`t been successful by trying this yet. A how to guideline to solve my little issue is appreciate. 

Thorsten Hoenig

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I would recommend you set it up like this.

Midi out from the Squid to Midi In SP-16

Midi Out from SP-16 to Midi In AS-1


Also make sure the following setting are applied to the units.

SP-16 Settings

Midi Clock-Midi DIN 

Turn off any midi channels you don't want to use, if your not going to use the 16 channels.

Set 1 channel as a thru so you can get audio from AS-1.

AS-1 Settings

In Global settings set As-1 to slave and also Midi In.

This should make everything synchronize with the Squid Master Clock.


Hope this was helpful,




D.j. Creme

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Unfortunately the SP-16 does not behave properly when it is not configured as master and it will drift further out of sync with the rest of the gear every time you change a pattern. The SP-16 HAS to be master clock in every configuration or you will not be able to keep all of the boxes in sync. This has been a HUGE issue for coming up on 3 years now that Pioneer has yet to address.

If you configure the SP-16 as master clock, it works perfectly and everything syncs up to it as it should.

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Hey Midnight,

I haven't experienced that with the SP-16. I'm using the SQUID as the Master clock and everything stays on beat. 

D.j. Creme 0 votes

Oh, also, the SP-16 does NOT pass through any midi information from its input to its output unless the track is set to SAMPLE so putting the AS-1 on the SP-16s output will prevent you from sequencing it via the SQUID. Another HUGE issue that Pioneer has not addressed in nearly 3 years.


Set it up this way:


SP-16 set as master with it's output connected to the input on the SQUID.

SQUID Midi out 1 to the input on the AS-1

SQUID Midi out 2 to the input on the SP-16


Set up the AS-1 as slave

Set up the SQUID as slave

Set up SQUID Midi out 1 as OUT+IN so the data from the input is merged with the SQUIDs data

Set up SQUID Midi out 2 as OUT only so it doesn't pass through midi data from its input.

Turn OFF midi clock out from the SQUID Midi out 2 and configure the SP-16 to only accept midi note data from it's input.

This should allow you to use the pads on the SP-16 to input midi notes in to sequences on the SQUID, allow you to play or sequence the AS-1 from the SP-16 AND allow you to sequence the sample tracks on the SP-16 with the SQUID.

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DJ Creme

I assure you that it most certainly does. It will stay in sync if you are not changing scenes on it but every time you change a scene on the SP-16 with it synced to an external clock source, it will drift ever so slightly off until you finally have to stop the performance and start it again to get everything synced up again. This happens regardless of the clock source being used or what SP-16 is being used. I have 2 of them and literally dozens of clock sources and can test it and repeat the result every single time. Within 15-20 minutes of performing, switching patterns and scenes on the SP-16 with it synced to an external clock, it will have drifted way off. I have been complaining about this major malfunction since I bought it and am not alone in this. I don't know if it's the time stretch engine that gets "confused" by trying to sync to an external source or what but it only happens when it's slaved. Put some time stretched 4 bar sample loops on your tracks and then sync it to any clock source. As soon as you hit play, the SP-16 will start up but the samples will speed up and slow down in that first bar, struggling to sync to the incoming clock. I assume this is another symptom of the same issue. If you just use hits and stabs, no looped timestretched samples or you don't actually use the box for live performances where you need to switch between multiple scenes over an extended period of time, you might never notice but it's definitely an issue that needed to be addressed years ago and never has been.

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Oh, in my config example, if you wanted to sync the DAW to the rest, you could hook it up to the USB on the SQUID and set the DAW to slave. The SP-16 would still be the master clock but the SQUID would pass thru the clock it receives from the SP-16 to the USB port. If you want to use the DAW as the master clock, you are SOL.

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I`d like to thank you both for your advice. Currently I use the SP-16 in combination with the AS-1 stand alone, because of the mentioned circumstance that the SP-16 didn`t path through MIDI signals.

I`ll try both stet-ups and figure out which suits best to me.

The Squid controls the VST instruments in the DAW. Do you have by chance experience with the combination of Squid and Omnisphere?




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