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iTunes Load Error

So I moved my iTunes folder from my computer to an external hard drive because I was organizing some things and didn't want to lose it. I did what I needed to and after I moved the iTunes folder back onto my computer. I opened rekordbox as usual and everything worked fine. Keep in mind my hard drive is plugged in throughout this whole process. I checked my playlist and my cue points are all gone now. Thats the first problem. So after trying to figure it  out and not having any luck, I thought. at least let Me analyze the files. So I clicked on "all tracks" under iTunes and imported them into the Collection. It took a really long time but whatever that's expected. Everything is analyzed now and songs play from both collection and iTunes. I ejected my hard drive and now I get a load error and its says the file cannot be located.

1. I. have the correct xml file selected. its path is "/Users/jaskarn/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml" Its connected to my computer and not my hard drive.

2.  Any changes I make in iTunes come up on. rekordbox after refreshing so I know its the right one. 

3. When I plug In my hard drive, the songs load. As soon as I unplug it , they cannot be found even though the iTunes file library in rekordbox is not linked to the hard drive. 

4. Itunes itself will not play songs unless hard drive is plugged in. I tried locating one song and having it  locate the same path to locate other songs and still no luck.


I've been trying to figure this out for 3 hours now and searched all the forums. I need help!

Jaskarn Singh

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During any part of the "I did what I needed to" process, did you change your user's name, move any system files (eg. Library)? It seems that something like that happened or you've missed a key component of the information provided.

It also didn't help that you've imported again and created duplicates... so let's see if we can rewind things a bit and get you running again. Give me as much information as you can about what you "did." Thanks!

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Thanks for getting back to me. So I was basically opening iTunes with a friends library so that I could import his songs over to my desktop. I did that, then dragged my iTunes folder back on to my computer. I opened iTunes with my own library this time. No problems yet. I think the problems started during the drag from my hard drive to my computer. So I didn’t delete the iTunes folder on my laptop so when I dragged the my own iTunes folder back onto my laptop, it said it’s a duplicate and do you want to replace. I hit replace because technically there should be a difference.

I opened Rekordbox at that point and noticed that all the songs were not analyzed anymore and I had lost all my cue points. But the library was synced. I don’t know if moving the iTunes folder around messed up the meta data and that why I lost that. But that’s basically what happened.
1. Dragged iTunes folder from laptop to hard drive.
2. Opened friends itunes library.
3. Transferred his songs onto my desktop.
4. Dragged My iTunes folder back onto laptop from hard drive. (Hit replace)
5. Opened Rekordbox to find all tracks lost cue points etc.
6. Tried importing everything to collection.
7. Songs only load of hard drive is connected in both Rekordbox and ITunes itself even thought iTunes folder is on the laptop.

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