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Set Matching Tracks in Link Mode

Setting matching tracks in while using eternal players with the Rekordbox link would really be a godsend. As people have said before finding matching tracks happens for me 90% of the time while using my XDJ-1000s. A button in between the players at the bottom of the Rekordbox main screen would be ideal if it's not possible on the units themselves (that's the dream). This would be a happy medium.

My current process is a royal pain in the arse. If I've got 2 tracks I want to flag as matching I have to search for each and load them both into the Rekordbox players and do it there. Time consuming and fiddly. As the link section is already displaying what tracks are loaded into each external player, wouldn't it make sense to enable marking matching tracks there??

Please Pioneer. This would make my life so much easier. 


Pete Trimby

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