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MIDI Start to DJS-1000 when Fader open

at the djm-900nxs it is possible to start CDJ/XDJ when chanel fader will open (Fader Start function).

when i connect the djs-1000 (usb, ProLink) and open fader (djs has the correct player number), the djs did not start. i see on the player number on the djs, he become a signal, but it will not start.


Marco Cavadini

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Did you press the FADER START button to enable it for the channel matching the DJS-1000 player number?

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Here are the things i do: (fasde in is active on DJM-900NXS)

Activate ON/OFF utility on DJM-900
Add MIDI FaderStart Deck 4 on rekordbox
Activate FADER START 4
Push Up LINE 4 Fader up
Player Number on DJS 1000 is 4

On the DJS i saw this red linies on the Player Number blinking, but the DJS did not start.

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