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DDJ-RR Correct Audio Setup?

Hi I’m currently looking at making sure my cables are set up correctly with my pioneer ddj rr controller. The idea is to make sure it’s correct and hopefully to improve sound quality.

I want to be able to go from the TRS Booth output on the DDJ to my Hifi Amp (rca). I can then monitor the level independently. I’m using an rca adapter into the booth output of the Ddj which is not TRS just TS. The Booth outputs on the DDJ say TRS is this a problem?. I’ve connected this up & the sound quality doesn’t seem fantastic. I also want to come out of the master output into my M-Audio digital recorder to record my sets currently using a stereo rca out from the Ddj to 1/4 jack (not sure if I need TRS for this). I’ve used the adapter but would I be better with dedicated rca out from the DDJ to TRS inputs on the recorder instead of
an adapter?? The XLR outputs on the mixer will be used to connect to pa speakers at a later date. Can anyone advise if I’m using the correct cables? The balanced/unbalanced TRS things is confusing me! Many thanks, Nick

nickmeister Answered

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TRS means Tip Ring Sleeve; this uses a balanced connection for longer runs of cable to avoid outside interference, and typically these cables are also shielded, whereas a TS doesn't have the ring connector. Converting in either direction is not a problem, so you could use any cables you want, especially if the length is less than 50'.

And why not just record within rekordbox? Keep it all digital.

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