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Database Backup recovery from different OS

So this is going to be a pretty long post, but I'm running out of ideas to fix my problem and hope some of the supports here can maybe help me.

My Problem:

My MacBook's harddrive recently died and I had to reinstall everything and therefore lost my rekordbox collection. I have done a backup of my music directory on my external harddrive (unfortunately not using rekordbox). This backup contains all my music up to 2019

I also have an older Windows PC that has an outdated rekordbox collection on it. Contains music up until 2014.

The general directory structure is the same on both machines exept the Windows PC starts with c:/users/name/music/....... and the Mac path is /users/name/Music/...

So my plan was to use a rekordbox backup created on the windows machine to recover the collection up to 2014 on my mac. Then I wanted to silmpy copy my manual backup with the xxxx-2019 music on it to my music directory. So in theory I only need to add the music from 2015-2019 into rekordbox again.

So now the question:

I did exactly what I said and the recovery of the 2014 collection works fine. But as soon as I copy the directories and files from my external harddrive to my Macbook rekordbox does not find the music files anymore. I know about the "Display all missing files" > manually ad first file > then let it search for the rest feature. The problem is that rekordbox does not find any file this way. So I would need to manually select every file again, which unfotunately is not an option for the mass of files I'm working with.

Is there a way to still make my idea work?

I generally don't understand why if I add a file through backup recovery to the collection works normally. (file at path /users/me/music/dir/file.mp3)

But if I delete the dir directory and replace it with a newer directory also called "dir" that also includes file.mp3 rekordbox won't find the file anymore. The only difference is that the first version of dir was drwxr-xr-x while the updated one is drwxrwxrwx.

I hope it is somewhat clear what I am trying to do. I am right now many hours into trying to find a solution. I hope someone can help me with this.

I am also very sorry if I am unclear. I will have a look at the post after a break and see if I can add some clarity if needed.



Felix Langer

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