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Rekordbox 2.2.4 compatibility with new controllers

Hello fellow Pioneer Warriors! :) 

Seeking some assistance please!

Is Rekordbox 2.2.4 compatible with either the DDJ1000, XDJ RX2 or DDJ-RZ?

I am still running 2.2.4 with CDJ2000s (not nexus) and looking to replace my CDJs with one of the above controllers. I would prefer to maintain 2.2.4 but will update if necessary.  

I would appreciate some feedback on this as well as pros/cons for either of the above controllers. I am flexible to use a laptop or not during performances so that is not deal breaker. Waveform on controller is important.  

Also, any best practices to share when backing up a music library (mac) and importing into a new computer (mac or pc)? 

Thank you in advance!

Franco M

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@FrancoM Yes you will need to update because older versions aren't always seen by the newest gear.  The RX2 would fit the bill for stand alone with waveforms or ope to use with rekordbox.  The 1000/RZ are straight rekordbox controllers and both very good with the edge to the 1000 which is awesome.


Watch this video for moving your database and backing up


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Hi All,

I also want to understand how to connect rekordbox with Reloop Mixtour, for example.

Or maybe a Pioneer in the future is planning to produce mini-controller for DJ’s world?

DJ AFRO 0 votes
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Thanks for the reply. Follow up question if I may...

Would a usb drive with analyzed files from rekordbox 2.2.4 work with the RX2 controller?

Lastly, regarding the ddj1000, is it possible to use 2 channels at the same time from the same player? I.e. Playing a track on channel 1, then switching to channel 3 to play or set up another track while channel 1 is still going?

Thanks again!

Franco M 0 votes
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In theory, the drive should work, but not having checked that myself, I can't say for certain.

Yes; you can use all 4 decks at the same time, you just have 2 layers of control and would have to switch between them.

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