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Squid sequencing TR 909

Hi, I would like to sequence my 909 with the Squid. It looks like I have to use almost all tracks for this. Is it planned to implement a lot of more tracks so that sequencing drum sounds is more conftable? I would prefere not using the internal 909 sequencer caus I would like to play the sounds dynamically over midi.

Looking forward to hear good news. 


Roland Roland

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You don't have to use 12 tracks to sequence the 909.  You can use patterns for this.   Each pattern trigger can contain up to 8 notes.  For instance, on trigger pad 1, I have a kick and a high hat layered.  C2 for the kick and F#2 for the closed hat.  

Ensure the note is activated on the trigger.  When holding the pad, 8 small boxes appear, white boxes mean the note is active.  

Another way to solve this is to program your drums within a DAW and drag and drop them.

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Manually entering each note and velocity individually on each step every single time you want to create a drum pattern is not acceptable. There needs to be a "drum" mode that allows you to assign a note to a pad ahead of time so you can enter notes and velocities by just striking a pad and having all of the info contained within the single track. Modes should be Note/Drum or Mono/Poly/Drum, etc with the Drum mode allowing you to assign notes to pads and then save that set of instruments as a template so you don't have to recreate the same thing over and over again for every single pattern.

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