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RB-DMX1 + ProDJ Link Integration

I'm currently using RBDJ in conjunction with an NXS2 setup for the sole purpose of taking advantage of Lighting Mode. Wanted to suggest (though it may not even be technically possible) to allow Lighting Mode to be accessed via Pro DJ Link. For example, currently third party implementation has ProDJ Link output from the CDJ into an a CPU where the third party application processes the information.

I wanted to know if it would be possible for the same to apply with the RB-DMX1, wherein the ProDJ Link would connect to the host CPU, then the Lighting Mode (perhaps a standalone Pioneer DJ Lighting Mode App) would process the data, enabling those of us who prefer Export Mode or using the system as Standalone vs Rekordbox DJ.

Again, this merely an idea I'm throwing against the wall. If it's an impossibility, I completely understand.


lostnthesound Answered

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At this time, no, but that was one of the first things we recommended when we saw the lighting functionality over a year ago. Thanks for the feedback.

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