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Dvs/ Controller setup?

I really can't get a grip around all of these different forums so I'm just going to go for this one since it seemed reasonable.

I'm working on kind of a setup. I've got a ddj 400 and an SL-1200 vinyl player and looking to kind of combine them. So I'm looking at the djm 250 mk2 as it's able to control dvs with its built in sound card and all. However, and this is my question, can I have the vinyl player with dvs on the one channel of the mixer (and that connected to my computer of course) while on the second channel connecting my ddj 400 and also that then to the computer? Or will this be a problem since the ddj is dependant on the software...? I'm getting dizzy just thinking about all this so answers or ideas would be much much appreciated. Thank you.

Oskar Lövgren

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