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3 things that will keep Squid in my studio..

1.An easy and efficient way to delete tracks once I am deep into a set. (By all means if someone can tell me how to delete just one track at a time let me know).

2. Per step probability and per step modulation everything. It is 2019 and having to modulate on a per pattern basis is gross. I want to be able to set the probability of a snare roll on a given step while leaving the pattern stable. Ditto for CV slides.

3. The ability to upload scala files. 

Please get behind this product with a steady stream of innovative and useful updates. A budget "electron" style sequencer is something the community wants...make it awesome!


Car Boor

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Why would you want to put scala files on a sequencer? Unless you're thinking that it should be outputting note-per-channel midi with pitchbends, like an H-Pi. I'm a microtonal advocate myself, but realistically that seems like a pretty esoteric request for this particular device.

Anyways if you're going to do that it should use MTS files, not scala. MTS is part of the midi spec, and it's in use by Korg, Novation and Dave Smith / Sequential. 

One thing that would be useful would be some way of receiving, storing and transmitting sysex bulk dumps. With that, MTS could be stored, and then transmitted to an MTS compatible synth to change the tuning. Sysex support has lots of other uses of course.   




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My trick for per-step probability is to put the 100% trigs on one track and configure a second track with the same destination and put the probability trigs there. 

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