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Migrating library to new PC, Music on NAS,

Hi all, hoping one of you Rekordbox gurus can assist me with this?

I have all my music files stored on a NAS, which is mapped to my PC as a network share. My Rekordbox database is stored on my PC in the C drive, all work perfectly.

Now, I have a new PC, and I want to move the Rekordbox database to my new PC, but to leave the music files where they are on the NAS.

I have tried to move the database to the NAS (following this ), but Rekordbox only allows to move the database to other local drives, so I can't select the NAS.

Do I have any other options, other than buying a big USB drive and doing a full backup of the library ?

Thanks in advance :)

Andy Davies

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On old computer, File > Library > Backup Library - do not back-up the music as well.

On new computer, File > Library > Restore Library.

Provided the NAS share is mounted at the same path as previous, all will be up and running in moments.

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