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Intelligent Playlist - Filtering

I am trying to use the intelligent playlist feature on RB version 5.6. 

Question - How do you create an intelligent playlist with multiple genre criteria and varied BPM requests?

For example:


  • Big Room, Electro House, Progressive House,


  • 125 to 135 BPM


Here are the results I am getting using the above criteria with RB Intelligent Playlist


1). When I click on the Match (All Of The) following conditions, I get nothing, See screenshot A

Screenshot A


2). When I click on the Match and select (Any Of The) following conditions it includes my requested criteria BUT it also adds other genres. See Screenshots

Screenshot B


Screenshot C


Can someone guide me on how to correctly filter these Intelligent Playlists, is it improper requests, a bug, or is it not able to? 


I am still learning the RB software and features, Thank you all for your help.


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Hi Mojo,

Looking your last screenshot your problem is that you use in Match Field: all of them instead any of the.

Since you want to select several genres you have to tell to  Rekorbox to display any of the genres you put in your selection so use any of them, if you use all of them you never will get any genre because no criteria will fit to this selection.



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Yep, using multiple genres will yield zero results when matching ALL instead of ANY, although your BPM filters will also bring in songs from other genres, so I'd suggest using the filter instead.

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