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RB-DMX1, 18 months and still nothing

I switched from Serato to DDJ-1000 and Rekordbox. I spent a lot of money and time changing from one to the other. Part of my decision was to use RB-DMX1 for small DJ gigs.

I was prepared to overlook the fact that the lighting function was new... I thought it would improve with feedback from fellow DJ's and Pioneer would listen, code and release updates. The product would get better.

Users have sent you feedback. We wanted gobo control, maybe prism control, and possibly static scenes for when you don't play music. Even the phrase analysis is poor and needs improvement. 

What have we got in 18months? Nothing. Not one useful update to address the needs of a typical working DJ. I find that very disappointing and quite frankly unprofessional. What type of business does not support it's products? I've had cars that recalled 7 years later for a minor modifcation? What is your excuse?

My RB-DMX1 sits in a drawer. I have resorted to LightRider for my events. It lets me put love hearts on the dance floor with my moving heads. It does a static scene when no music is playing.... this sounds simple, but RB-DMX1 can't do either. 

So Pioneer (and PULSE)... I challenge you. If you honestly think RB-DMX1 is a great product, have mine back. Give me my money back and I will buy it back +10% when you have managed to do the updates we want.

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I've answered bits and pieces of this across several posts, so I'm going to say this one statement here again for anyone reading it...

Pioneer DJ is still working on this product, there are improvements coming in future updates.

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