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Date Added Bug, Please Fix!!

Hi guys,

Ever since I can remember I have had an issue using Date Added and rekordbox.  My workflow is to download music, import to itunes and then I kind of cherrry pick the tunes I want and put them into Rekordbox.  It does not matter if I import them one at a time or in a large group, they almost always end up getting all mixed up.   This is not great if you are importing a compilation or album along with some miscellaneous tracks because they always get mixed up, even if they are neatly arranged in iTunes. 

Date Added is an extremely useful way to manage new music and this really needs to be fixed.

Nick Moss

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I can confirm this bug, and as the developer of various Rekordbox related apps I've reported it to the Rekordbox engineering team more than 2 years ago. Let's hope they will be able to fix it soon

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