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Info on Player/Rekordbox Sorting

I've searched all over for an answer to this, but still having trouble. On the CDJ2000NXS and above, while in the player I'd like to hit info and immediately see:

  • artist, title, bpm, key, rating, color, and genre.

What I currently see on the CDJ Player(s) Info Tab is:

  • is Title, Artist, Album, time, bpm, key. (I don't need album, or time.)

If I want to see more than that, I have to actually load the track and scroll down. This is counterintuitive and a waste of time. I usually open up a Playlist when I go live, and that's how I'm getting to this point. I have my Category and Sort Options customized in RB preferences, but this doesn't seem to help while inside of my playlist and pressing the info tab. 

Any help would be very appreciated.

Beverly C Answered

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