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Swapping Computers

I'm new to Rekordbox and CDJs. If a DJ is playing before me utilizing Rekordbox and Nexus 2000's with DJM 900NXS2 and USB plugged into slot A on decks 1 and 2, am I forced into utilizing the 4-deck view for channels 3 and 4 if I plug into USB B? From what I have read, the performance mode of Rekordbox is confined to a view of decks 1 and 2 for 2-deck performance view mode and the only way to see decks 3 and 4 is to show all 4-decks. I'm not a fan of the 4-deck view so that would be a disadvantage to me if I'm swapping in with another Rekordbox DJ ahead of me. 

Katey McCausey Answered

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@Katey > No, you can use decks 1&2 when connected to USB B, just rotate the channel input selector to the appropriate deck based on what's currently in use and what's available:

So if the previous DJ is currently playing a track from the left deck on the mixer's channel 2, your first track would be loaded on your deck 2, which is the channel 3 input on USB B as circled. After the other DJ is done, you switch the channel 2 input selector to B as well.

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