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Rekordbox Video iTunes Support

I've read posts about Music Video Files in iTunes not being able to be read by Rekordbox Video since 2016. 20 freakin 16!!! Same generic response. "The engineers are aware and are working on a fix." or "Will be coming in an update soon."

We're halfway through 2019, maybe it's time Pioneer got some new engineers?

So upset I spent all this money switching from Serato to have to put up with this ridiculousness.

Rudy Palacios Answered

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This is not entirely accurate; video files CAN be read within rekordbox, they're just not in a combined list with the audio files.


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Obviously video files can be read since you do sell the Rekordbox Video Program.

But as I indicated in my first sentence, the problem of Music video files not being able to be read from iTunes has been occurring since 2016.

Really a dull attempt at sarcasm on your part eh Pioneer DJ?

But I am VERY GLAD you know exactly what issue I am speaking of!!! Does this mean your engineers are now aware of the problem and can have a fix by this weekend?

Rudy Palacios 0 votes

@Rudy > No sarcasm intended, your post isn't clear as to what the problem is. If you mean video playlists from iTunes, no, they aren't synced the same way audio playlists are. If you want an easy work-around, first create a video playlist in rekordbox, grab all the songs in the iTunes video playlist, then drag them from one application to the other.

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