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waveform previews not displaying

I recently migrated my music library to a new Windows computer. I had to relocate my music files in Rekordbox b/c they were under a new user name directory on my new computer.

Now when I add new music files to Rekordbox, the waveform preview is missing. If I reanalyze the file, the preview appears in the player window, but not in the browser window. If I close that track and then reload it, the preview does not appear in the player or browser window.

All the waaveform previews for files from my collection prior to the migration (or at least the 99% I've relocated) appear as expected. It is just the files I've added since the migration that aren't displaying the waveform preview. Thanks for any help! 

Eli Sarnat

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When you moved the files, did you edit the settings file to point to the correct location for the waveform storage?

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Solved. I found the rekordbox3.settings file and modified it to point to the new location. Thanks!

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