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Rekordbox recording issue (cutting fragments from the mix)


i'm having this weird problem whenever I want to record a mix and it is driving me crazy :

after I finish recording the mix i listen to the recorded file and it is my mix but its cut, alot of fragments are missing and it shiftes the beat all of the sudden (sounds messy) into another part of the mix

when I mix usually use more than 2 decks and sometimes synced tracks, so I thought that the problem might be from shifting the master from one deck to another so i started to set the master manually, the problem became worse and the mix was cut into a drop after drop, then i tried to record the whole mix using sync and the mix was also cut (all the tracks were synced before they got introduced)

to sum it up :

rekordbox is deleting fragments of the mix and jumping into parts of the mix (ruined transitions) and its independent of setting the master manually or using sync

is there anyway to deal with the master problem (if its the one) ?

hopefully you can help me with this issue

(I use DDJ-1000 , MAC OS, Recording is set to MASTER OUT, Rekordbox is updated)


salman aljar

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Sounds like it's possible that your hard drive can't keep up with the recording? Are you using a conventional hard drive or solid-state? What is the audio buffer preference set to?

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Thank you for your quick response 

My device is  MacbookPro 2012

500GB 5400-rpm hard drive (so i guess its HDD) , 8GB RAM

My audio buffer is set to 512


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Update :

I've set the audio buffer to 1028, while the recording managed to spare some tracks it did cut the mix of other tracks, problem is still persisting 

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