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"Selective Search" in Rekordbox

Hello, is it possible to introduce "selective search" in Rekordbox Dj ?


I explain:

Most of the time I search some specific words exclusively in Commentary track and Genre ( I spend many hours at home to tag correctly my different tracks to be up to date for my next party).

So I'd like to know if it's possible to let us the choice to fill multiple fields in research bar. To give an example: i want to search words placed for some files in Genre and for some files in commentary section for my tracks in my library. I'd like to have both results in one search. Actually it's not possible to do this, we can choose just one field i think it will be better to let us fill multiple field. The search could be more precise when we use it ! For me I need this new feature in Rekordbox Dj.


Thanks team,

Have a nice day.

Alexandre CLEMENTE

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