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Toraiz SQUID live performance usability

I'm hoping someone from Pioneer can chime in here.

I purchased the SQUID for use in live performance. My performances are usually from 1-1.5hrs long and consist of 12-16 "songs". I currently use the SP-16 and several other pieces of hardware in my live rig and the SQUID seemed like a perfect addition to the rig with the SP-16 being the "heart" of the setup and the SQUID providing another performance tool to manipulate the sound and a way to create far more complex sequences than the SP-16 is capable of. Pattern creation is fantastic on it. It has a really intuitive interface and I find it very easy to get really great sounding sequences going on it which is why I am so disappointed to find out that the SQUID seems to be completely unusable for the purpose I intended for it.

The sequencer on the SP-16 offers 16 scenes per project with 16 patterns per scene and 16 tracks per pattern. With one button press I can switch patterns on it and have access to another 16 tracks of programming. This works out great for live use as I can have anywhere from 100-200+ "patterns" programmed across the 16 scenes for a performance and can jump from one scene to another very quickly. I have access to up to 256 patterns and 4096 tracks per project! The SQUID offers a total of 16 pattern changes via "Pattern Sets".............. SIXTEEN! That's basically one song's worth of material per project. Beyond those 16 Pattern Sets, if you want to change patterns, you have to do it one track at a time ie you can't change patterns on both the bassline track AND the lead at the same time! You have to select the bassline track, then select the new pattern you want, switch to the lead, then select the new lead, etc. How long do you think it would take to change the pattern on all 16 tracks on the SQUID without using Pattern Sets? An unreasonable amount of time and a total of 64 button pushes, that's how long!

Can someone please explain to me how this was overlooked prior to the product shipping? The absolute bare minimum that would even be borderline acceptable is 64 Pattern Sets. With 64 Pattern Sets I could at least do some creative programming and have enough pattern changes available in a project to eek out an hour long performance but anything longer than that would be very difficult to keep organized. 256 like the SP-16 would at least have made some sense. Have the people that designed this ever actually used a sequencer before in a performance situation or was anyone who has used one consulted in the design? I can't imagine this glaring flaw making it passed someone who is a performer.

As it is now, I can use to it generate patterns in the studio but it's completely useless as a performance tool. This is yet another WTF moment in Toraiz history where a potentially amazing product has been sent to market missing a universally expected and easily implemented basic function. The SP-16 suffered from several of these that 3 YEARS later have still not been addressed. 

The SQUID needs at LEAST 64 Pattern Sets but 256 is a far more reasonable number.

PLEASE fix this. This is not a "feature request" this is a request for a basic operational function that should have been included in the earliest OS revisions, long before the device ever made it to beta testers let alone store shelves.

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Anyone from Pioneer have any input on this? I have spent the last 3 years championing these products, defending them on forums, providing badly needed support and guidance for the ignored user base and doing free "PR" for the entire Toraiz series. The lack of necessary updates on the SP-16 has been extremely frustrating and frankly, embarrassing not only for Pioneer but for myself as well as I have spent so much time defending the products and have put so much faith in Pioneer to do what is right. We have waited 3 years for some of the most fundamental operational functions to be addressed in the SP-16. The AS-1 still has a workflow destroying flaw in how program changes and the sequencer interact. Now we have yet another product that is broken and can't be used in the way it was marketed.

I have been one of your biggest allies and my praise for the product potential has been spread far and wide. I own 2x SP-16s, an AS-1 and now a SQUID. I am not a potential user complaining about theoretical issues without ever using the products. I am a seasoned hardware veteran who actually uses the tools in music production and performance. These are REAL issues that need addressed.

If the intent is to piss off even your most loyal customers, you guys are killing it. 

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