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Organise by track number from playlist into CDJ

Hi im playing with rekordbox and love it. I've made my playlists and organised them firstly by track number then exported to a usb pendrive ready. Ill be playing a pair of nexus tommoro for the first time and after watching some tutorials there's no option to sort by track number . Just wondering what do do please as I would (ideally, it's not the end of the world if not) like the playlist order to be the same on the cdj as it is in the playlist on my computer. Many thanks

Sarah Crabb Answered

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Whatever order they're in on your computer is the DEFAULT order on the CDJ. You can use the MENU button to pop open a list of sorting options, but it's only temporary.

If you want to sort by reverse BPM within rekordbox, then have that as the default, you would just select Playlist > Renumber Track Order from the menu, then that will be the default order.

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