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Rekordbox Imported Playlists Loading Error

Hi guys,

I have a problem. My laptop is crashed and I don't have a music/rekordbox back-up. 

The only backup that I have is on my USB. Now is it possible to import my playlists from my USB to Rekordbox on my new laptop. It works, I was happy... But now I want to play the tracks and organize new playlists in Rekordbox Collection to export the music to my new usb. The problem is, it gives an error.. (loading Error, file cannot be found).

Do you guys know how I can fixed it? I dont have a backup with the track files. 
Now I have to trust my USB, when he is broken I don't have my music anymore.

Hopefully someone can help me!

Bram Flux Answered

Official comment


1) Connect the USB drive to your computer, open rekordbox.

2) On the device, create a new playlist, call it "USB"

3) Click All Tracks on the device, select all of the songs listed there, drag them to the new USB playlist.

4) Right-click on the USB playlist and select Import Playlist.

5) You'll see a pop-up window like this:

Select the destination for your music files, and click Copy. The audio files will be imported from the drive, along with the grids, hot cues, and memory points.

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