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Testing possibilities

Hello, Pulse,

Maybe this space is not dedicated for this kind of message but I would like to share my thoughts. I'm from Lithuania, I'm working in telematics company as FW/HW/SW quality engineer. One of my biggest hobbies - playing with DJ controllers, lights and similar stuff. And now I'm interested in your product "RB-DMX1". I recently bought it, tested it and as I see software still lacks of functionalities. I'm thinking maybe you need more testers to make this product more advanced and powerful? I would like to help you with that. If you have some kind of unofficial beta version of software and you would like me to test it - just contact me personally. I have a lot of different lights (lasers, strobes, moving heads, uv's and etc). I believe I could be useful "field tester" for you. :) 
Also, wanted to ask you - maybe you have upcoming features list for this product? 

Developer Arthur

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