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Why does my DJ USB not work on a different computer with Rekordbox?

I'm re-posting this because my original post from yesterday seems to have been mysteriously deleted.

I'm setting up a new laptop to use just for bringing to gigs. At home I manage my Rekordbox collection and practice on a different personal home computer.

When I plug my synced DJ USB stick into the new computer, none of my playlists or collection show up. It just shows that Sync With My Tag dialog which asks if I want to delete all my My Tags (which obviously I decline). I expected that I could just plug in the USB stick in any computer with Rekordbox, just like you can with CDJs, and it should be able to pull up your collection, playlists, tags, etc just as they were when they were synced. 

So I did some research and it seems like the only way for it to work is to actually move my Master Database off of my home computer and to the DJ USB stick. That doesn't make sense - if the USB works perfectly fine on CDJs without needing the Master Database, then why would Rekordbox require it? 

This system poses a lot of problems for DJs. If any DJ with a USB prepared for Rekordbox/CDJs wants to come play on my controller, if they plug in their USB to my computer it will be useless because they hadn't put their Master Database on their USB. Furthermore, if I lose my USB stick then I lose my entire database. And apparently I can't have a backup USB stick because the software forces me to have only one database.

Can someone explain this logic to me? What is this difference between the Master Database and everything synced to my USB stick that makes the use between CDJs and computers fundamentally incompatible? How are the synced USB and Master Database not totally redundant? (And then what is the whole use of the XML collection file?) Either I'm completely missing something, or this whole system is severely redundant and poorly designed. Let's hope it's the former.

Thank you.


*Update - What a nightmare - I tried to move my master database back from the USB to my home computer and it kept giving me an error that it could not be moved. So I had to restore the database from a backup and now my artwork for every song plus the beat grids are missing. How do I rebuild my collection to fix the missing album covers? Importing the files back into the playlists doesn't work. 

Alex B

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Wasn't deleted - it got caught in the spam filter:

But since you've re-posted, I'll tank that one.

You can view the playlists that are on the export device - just click the device itself and you can browse the contents in a different host library. This was added back in version 5.3(?)

The intention of an export device is not to move content to another computer (if you want to do that, please consider moving your library and collection to an external drive).


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Wow, you are totally right, I completely missed that in the software. I was browsing to the USB on the Explorer tab instead of the Devices tab and all I saw was the raw folders. Under the Devices/Playlists tab I can see everything just as it should be. Sorry for the unfounded complaint and thanks for the clarification!


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No worries - easier to ask the question and find out it already exists! ;)

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