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Recover playlists from old computer that will not start

I've gotten myself into quite the situation. My 2012 Macbook Pro was having issues and would not start. Time Machine could not be used because the computer automatically shuts off when signing into my account. However, a technician managed to recover all my files from my user folder to an external drive, including my music files. 

I now need to buy a new Macbook and transfer the data over. The problem is that I did not back-up my Rekordbox playlists in a long time. I have literally thousands of songs dating back to ten years ago so creating new playlists will be tremendously difficult. Also I can not sign in to my old computer to make a new playlist back-up.

I read online that Rekordbox saves playlists automatically in the folder /users/your username/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox

My question is...is it possible to download Rekordbox onto my external drive now containing all of my music files and the auto-backup playlists. Then follow the steps to revert the datafile.backup extensions as mentioned on a previous thread (https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/206150003-Mac-Users-How-to-restore-your-rekordbox-database-after-downgrading-from-4-2-to-4-1-2-with-Time-Machine-)

Then open up Rekordbox on my external drive and all my playlists be back to the way they were before the computer melt down? From here I could export my playlists to the new computer?

I know this is a really big work around but I am willing to try anything. I may be missing something, Some step by step advice on how to tackle this would be great!

Alexander Byrne

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