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Add Rekordbox option for tempo faders to hold on whole numbers (ddj-400)

DDJ-400 is great but the tempo faders are not because I have to type in whole numbers all the time

Right now, it's like this:

1. track 1=124bpm, track 2=125, I want to bring up track 1 to 125 during the breakdown, slowly

2. use fader to bring track 1 up, it goes from 124.95 to 125.27 to 125.15 to 124.87 etc. WILL NOT stop on 125

3. I use the keyboard to type in "125" in the tempo into rekordbox

4. I have spent 45 seconds while track 1 counts down that I could've used to smoke a cig, have a drink, do a line, look at the crowd and strike a christ pose or just "humble" prayer hands, take a photo, check insta, you get my point! 

5. No, SYNC does not help. I don't use it anyway, but if I press sync, track 2 goes down instead of track 1 going up. sometimes I can get that to work in reverse, like 1 out of 5, even thought it's not intended–that is not workable

I know these are smaller faders, but this could be an option in rekordbox to create inertia/pause for a microsecond on whole numbers. No one ever needs to land on a fraction of a beat, do they?

jimmy deer Answered

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It's entirely to do with the resolution of the data coming from the fader itself.

Sorry, but a difference of less than .1% is easy enough to ride, or to adjust infrequently... or learn how the sync works and jump on the technology train. ;)

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