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My thoughts so far (windows version) 5.6.1

Hi all,

In the short time I've had to look at the windows version (which I thank and congratulate you for).

Whilst it is extremely efficient in loading tracks from the cloud, it is slow to analyse upon direct load to a deck. It's good to see that I can import playlists from my beatport library into my playlists library of rekordbox, thus downloading the tracks to analyse before using them.

But: this is frustrating to me for a few reasons. 

Firstly, you cannot import the genre playlists into rekordbox, so they cannot be analysed beforehand, but you can import tracks to Collection individually or on mass from these lists. Unfortunately you can't put them in a playlist before the collection, thus rendering it near impossible to find hundreds if not thousands after analysis except by import date or location apparently, which is beatport in the browser. Still it's gonna be difficult when importing 1000's of tracks, which people are going to do. Plus you can't sort by 2 columns, whereby the sort order of say genre, remains intact when sorting by location afterwards, so you can't find the tracks you just imported easily to make a playlist out of them.

Secondly, Beatports own searching system and playlist creation system is a ball-ache and this link-ability I, and I'm sure many others see as an opportunity to create playlists to go back to our libraries on beatport with: for later purchase of full quality versions. The best way to test out tracks being to mix them or use them live at a gig and so getting a real feel for them before purchase is great, and we pay a subscription for it anyway.

Thirdly, since these tracks are coming from Beatport and have already got such things as BPM and KEY info(which to my experience has been perfect), can't you program to use that instead of analysis and the subsequent 20% getting it wrong..? If you don't analyse KEY then you don't get a Key, you can't not do the BPM for the grid but you could use their tempo and make the grid from it if you really wanted to.

The playlist creation back to beatport is definitely the thing I'm most missing but the workflow idea here is the key to it, it needs to be seamless back and forth between beatport and rekordbox or it fails to stop endless typing of track names into beatports search 1 at a time and saving to playlists after each (their system is buggy and I've told them already, they seemed grateful).

The fourth thing really is a hardware one but related entirely to this idea of link. You are of course aware that Denon before you released this beta and after your stupid iphone only wedj controller first to market was out there, like a week later, pledged a firmware update to their flagship series CDJ's and Prime Controller. The details of which are very simple, they had wifi in them not being used and not exposed in the firmware (you have a cat5 network already exposed so this is not difficult for you to implement your way). With a firmware update and a video before to show it actually working, they have inbuilt beatport link, tidal and soudcloudgo+  logins. Directly in the hardware. All you need is a network and connect it to the internet. All clubs have internet, you built Kuvo and broadcast setlists live from clubs so it's already their. You just need to put the same firmware update into your CDJ's, ahem 2000, 2000nxs, 2000nx2's minimum really and the same in your controllers to dominate the market again. I'm putting this here to give the idea that this should also be implemented on the export mode side of things but within the program only or on the cat5 networked version of export mode from the software but not on USB's perhaps to start.

If I think of anything else or indeed find it, should I say then I'll certainly post in the comments here or if it's a new beta make a new post.


thanks for listening



Robbie Ennoia-Abstrkt Miller

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I took the beta for a test drive today as well. While there is some things that Beatport has to work out. My two biggest feature requests are..

  • Ability to sort the playlist by clicking and dragging. It sucks having to log into Beatport (Again) and sort the playlist there. Yes you can sort by column, but sometimes you want it in a specific order.
  • Ability to add tracks to a playlist outside of Beatport's Playlist. I'd like the ability to mix and match tracks in a playlist.
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