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Feature Request: CDJ Practice View on Rekordbox

I would LOVE it if Rekordbox had what I will call a "CDJ practice view".  What I mean by that is mainly a performance mode view that doesn't have the beat grids stacked on top of each other or next to each other. I have a DDJ-400 and I am trying to teach myself to beatmatch by ear, but have a very difficult time keeping myself from looking to SEE that the beat grids are aligned, even if its just a glance. 

It would be super simple to do, simply take the 2 deck horizontal or vertical view and have the beat grids for each song only take up half the screen.  That way you could still see the phrasing detail etc for the song playing like you could on a CDJ, but you wouldn't be able to visually line things up. 

An added bonus would be to have the display for each song, very closely match all the detail that you can see on a CDJ, and have as much detail as you can in the same layout.  

Thanks for reading!

Tom Squire

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How do I vote for this !!  I hate using my controller because of the same reason I start mixing with my eyes so I try and use vynil or cd's on cdjs to remove the visual cue .... please add something like this, its as easy as adding a function that makes the beat grids transparent or disappear.   


Options  for a practice mode

Digital screen - showing dot matrix information only 

Remove beat grid

Remove the tempo indicator 

Something like that .... not very difficult tbh, not for skilled engineers like pioneers should have.

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What about the already available browse mode? Why not switch to that?

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