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Constant UI hanging and unresponsive deck features with kuvo popup

OS version: Windows 10
CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700X
Graphics driver: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 770 via geforce experience
Display resolution: 1440p
rekordbox mode: Performance
Plus Packs: dj

Internet connection: Virgin Media. speedtest.net on my PC results in ~10ms ping (to another nearby virgin server), between 100 and 200Mbps download speed and 10-20Mbps upload speed - absolutely plenty for streaming music and considerably better than most clubs would have.

Controller: DDJ 1000

Just downloaded the new beta for streaming from Soundcloud Go+ and encountered many issues making the software unusable:

-The UI keeps hanging every few minutes, and certain parts of the deck become unresponsive (Eg. pitch faders, though jog wheels curiously still work) for 10-30sec and then a pop up will appear saying KUVO authentication failed. I have tried disabling sending to KUVO and entering login info and it still keeps happening. There should be a way to disable KUVO completely, and also login requests really really really ought to be done in a thread separate to those critical for UI and deck responsiveness.

-When loading a streamed track from soundcloud the entire UI with freeze for a short while and once again a lot of the critical features on the deck will be unresponsive. I imagine this again could be things being done in the UI thread that are best done in their own thread?

-Often when loading a track from soundcloud it'll only load the first 4-8 bars and then will give up. When it gives up a message saying an error has occured is at the bottom of the screen.

-When grid is being applied to the streamed track (Eg. I think it has finished the analysis and is now applying it to the track) the UI once again freezes and the deck once again is unresponsive.

This constant freezing and crashing obviously is not acceptable and hopefully can get fixed asap. I imagine it's just a few places in the code where things are happening (Like all I/O and web requests) in the wrong threads - eg. in the threads that are critical for smooth performance. Probably accidentally those calls are in the wrong in the code or something.

It's also worth mentioning that when I use my controller with my laptop with my library being read from a USB connected to my laptop - a HP spectre x360 2017 - (Which annoyingly means you cannot use related tracks, but that's another issue) even on stable rekordbox versions if I browse through tracks too fast the UI freezes and certain features become unresponsive - I assume because it's trying to read tracks from the USB to display in the browser but can't load them fast enough. It'd also be good to get this fixed aswell - eg. load the tracks being browsed asynchronously in another thread so that them loading slowly doesn't cause issues. Perhaps also a larger cache of track metadata for tracks being browsed so that it has to load from the USB less often. It can be quite worrying otherwise trying to find a song quickly to play next and then finding the entire UI and deck freeze up.

Completely unrelated, but the streaming quality is also kinda awful. Can this be improved? I can hear pretty heavy compression artefacts.
^After more investigation it seems I was hearing the default sound quality. I've turned on high quality streaming within sound cloud's settings and it seems a lot better. It doesn't help though that rekordbox's order of search results in inferior to the order on the soundcloud website and seems to have lots of unofficial uploads near the top instead of the official ones. Some songs also are missing from the results that are findable within soundcloud.com (Eg. tiesto grapevine)


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same problem for me too, keeps hanging due to kuvo by the look of things.

cant log on to kuvo website either

James Connor 0 votes
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The same to me in Macbook Pro with Mojave lastest version, just returned to the official version and 5.6.0 and everything is fine again.

The most annoying problem is the constant display of Kuvo Login and this impact the performance because the system freeze during sometime.


sbherculano 0 votes
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Happening to me as well, every time i load a track the it shows up. 

Dorian Cortez 0 votes
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@Eddie > Old post, but you're using an AMD processor, so we can't guarantee any kind of stability or functionality, as Intel processors are required.

@Dorian > Try going to KUVO > Privacy > then sign out, and sign back in to your account.

Pulse 0 votes
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