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Tempo slider bpm jumps wildly



Yesterday my left slider on my DDJ 400 started to act weird. When i move it down, the bpm jumps (decreasing) like 10 bpm (from 100 to 110 instantly, for exemple), and when i move up, it decreases too. That means i cannot increase the bpm on the song. When i load the same track on the other deck, it works normal.


I used the controller less then 24h earlier and it was all fine.

João Pedro Magalhães

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Check the tempo Range

Click [TEMPO RANGE] in the platter to change the playback speed by 0.02% at [±6] / 0.04% at [±10] and [±16] / 0.5% at [WIDE].

manual, page 126.

Rodrigo Silva 0 votes

I tried to reboot multiple times, didn't work. I also now tried changing the tempo range, but its still broken. When i change the tempo range, the BPM jump becomes higher.


When i bring the slider down (what should increase the BPM), it doesn't respond for some time, then it go back like 10 bpm and then starts to increase (but increase from the new value, so i cannot access the 10 bpm it jumped). Same happens when i move the slider upwards, bur inverted.


I'm going to make a video later and post here.

João Pedro Magalhães 0 votes