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Feature Request - Drag tracks to specific position in playlist in sub browser view

When in sub browser view (multiple playlists in view at once), when the target list is sorted by '#', I would love to be able to drag a track into that playlist at a particular position (indicated by cursor position) in the playlist rather than having it added to the bottom. 

If I'm crafting a playlist from other lists, it's a pain to always have an extra step of scrolling to the bottom after I've copied a track over and put it into the position I want, especially for long playlists.

USER STORY example: Say I have a working playlist of 100 tracks, and I have a second playlist wherein I found a track I want to add to the working playlist between songs #2 & #3. Instead of adding the track to the bottom of the playlist when I drag the track over (which would then require me to scroll/click/drag/scroll the track up into place after adding), I would like to drag it onto the dividing space between tracks #2 & #3 and have it added directly there as the new track #3 (bumping everything after down by one #).


Johnathan Lyon

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