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Suggestion: Side-by-Side Waveform View with mockup

It would be extremely helpful if there were an option in Performance mode to change the view layout to side-by-side waveforms, instead of the stacked parallel waveforms, which are helpful for beatmatching but are not very detailed and do not build good habits for CDJ training. I have done a mockup in Paint by copying the waveforms from Export mode's 1 Player view:

1) As you can see, it would take up the same amount of space, the allotted area for waveforms would stay the same, except the real estate would be divided vertically instead of horizontally, just like the preview waveforms and hot cues/BPM platter below. Even a 4-deck layout would be feasible by further halving each space.

2) Waveforms would be MUCH more detailed / useful like they are in the Export mode's 1 Player view. The detail is already there as we can see in RB's Export mode, which is helpful for seeing hi-hats, kick drums, beat grid alignment, etc. This is one area that Traktor has an advantage over rekordbox, as Traktor Pro 3 now has an option to change between their classic side-by-side view and parallel waveforms too! By adding this Pioneer would another step ahead of the game. 

3) It would emulate the same visual set up as having CDJs with non-stacked waveforms, which would be very beneficial for people trying to practice the CDJ club setup and not build bad habits by visually relying on stacked / parallel waveforms. If possible, you could also add a toggle to turn on/off Nexus style phase meters at the top of each waveform to help with visual beatmatching if wanted too, further unifying the design language of Pioneer's different setups, like the DDJ controller series is already doing.

Hopefully the Pioneer DJ team takes this into consideration, as the lack of detail in rekordbox Performance mode waveforms is an oft-cited disadvantage VS other setups (Traktor, CDJs). Thank you!


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seems like very good idea you have here.

They will be improving their ever so clever eco-system in a continuous flow from the club to home djs. easy use for all new and old generation djs to use pioneer equipment. Also will train ears far better than any visual beat alignment.

plus 1 on this request

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They could call it the Nexus state. Or something just to mimic the xdj CDJ screen.

Rekordbox DJ will definitely level up then lol.

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So meanwhile you asking the feature: GUI Skin. This could be great to have different GUI skins and custom Views of the performance mod (Standard;Parallel Waveforms; Traktor view oops I mean ''Nexus state''). If the skins are only made by Pioneer I think this could be a great feature and by the same time you could bring back the Rekordbox DJ 4.5 GUI (<--the best GUI you make so far) and give it a name like: Classic GUI. This could be an huge feature for the upcoming update of Rekordbox DJ.

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