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Missing File Paths - Relocate doesn't work - "Already in Collection"




I want to relocate 33000 missing songs as they are on my computer but it's attempting to find them on my external HDD still.
Also I have songs on my computer that are missing file paths.

Every time I follow the correct process of (please refer to attached screenshots):


Right click - Relocate - Select the correct file - YES to searching for more files in that location = 0 song found as already in collection.

If I use the "Display all missing files" it won't import as it says it’s "Already in collection.”

Rekordbox is forcing me to manually do EVERY single song, that’s 3300 songs it wants me to find on my HDD, Drag back into the collection then sort to a playlist…
Nobody has that sort of time!

What solution I would like:

I would like Rekordbox to accept that when I tell it the new track file path, it updates it. Stop telling me it’s already in the collection, I know it is, but it won’t work because the file path is different.


I have the same song in multiple playlists so replacing 1 song in 1 playlist will not suit the other 10 it may appear in.
I have moved all the files onto my computer using itunes "consolidate library" function so they are sorted in my itunes media folder.
I have 33000 songs missing if my HDD isnt plugged in, when it is plugged in 1340 are missing.

All I want to do is point rekordbox to the right file path and it update the file. Simple. Works on other programs. Rekordbox refuses to update the file-path.

Jake Stone

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