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random and little audio hole with rekordbox (and djm750mk2 xdj1000mk2)


I have a "little" problem with my djset consisting of a

2014 Macbook PRO Retina i5 2,6 ghz 8gb (but with only 2 USB ports) with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

PIONEER DJM750mk2 mixer

2 Pioneer XDJ1000mk2

and wanting to work completely with the REKORDBOX software I found myself forced to appear a HUB obviously powered. The HUB I purchased is a 7-port USB 3.0 ORICO HUB with a power supply given for 2A in output. The HUB is connected to the MAC via a USB 3.0 cable. Obviously of these 7 ports I use only 3 so even if the power supply is alone 2A it should be enough to power the 3 ports I need with at least 500 mA. I also use the registration function within REKORDBOX but I do not use any software aggregator and not RCA cable. Only USB and the XLRs connected from the mixer and to the audio speakers. My recordings is full of effect that I apply in my performance!

The problem is that a couple of times I've been trying my setup connected in this mode (USB) every time a small audio hole has appeared at random, a real general mute, lasting 1 second or almost. Obviously the thing is nothing short of annoying! This problem does not exist when the XDJs are connected to each other in PROLINK so I think the problem is in the USB or in the POWER and I would like to try to understand how to solve it

Investigating with great difficulty I received some feedback on the thing and I would like to ask you what you think about the possible solutions below:

- Try moving the peripheral USB positions to the HUB

- connect the mixer directly to the MAC via USB and the two XDJs to the HUB

- do not attach the MAC power supply to the same power strip of the mixer and XDJ but keep them separate and go directly to the wall socket. In this regard, a question: can the power supply unit of the HUB go on the power strip of the mixer and the readers?

- disable wi-fi and / or bluetooth connections

I would also like to specify that the files I use are AIFFs with a weight of at least 60 megs each. I have never done any tests with WAV or MP3 that have a much lower weight in terms of Mbytes

Another important questions: Would it be better to use the Aggregator software for the two XDJs connected to the mac and recognized by REKORDBOX and exit with the RCAs to the DJM mixer so as not to burden the system with 3 USB connections? And would recording on MAC REKORDBOX be complete with effects applied by the mixer during the performance phase or without?

If you could give me some advice or just advice I would be very grateful to you all

Sorry for my english. I have help with translator eheh.

Ty very much for support


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