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Bug - Random grid shifts and/or cue point changes

Sometimes RB will change the a tracks GRID after I have already set it up correctly 

It will be something like a quarter to a half beat forward, it will do this with no warning and with no logical reason, one minute the tune is fine with the grid on the beat and then some time later its all changed and wrong. This is happening with 5.6.0. Obviously when I discover this is the middle of a live set then this is annoying.

Interestingly my friend who also uses RB has experienced exactly the same thing so I know this is no an isolated incident. He is rather frustrated by it.

To make matter even more confusing RB will occasionally change the cue points instead instead of the grid, so the grid stays correct but all cue points move a 1/4 to half a beat forward, requiring me to go in a manually delete and reset all the cue points and hot cues.

Is anyone else having this bug in their RB and is there a fix for it?


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