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Mapping Novation LaunchKey Mini to Rekordbox

Hello, I've been using Rekordbox with an XDJ-RX2 for a while now. I recently bought a Novation LaunchKey Mini for on the go production. But was curious if it was possible to map it too rekordbox and use it in live sets as well for extra sampling and effects. Looking into it further I found that the answer is YES! you can map it. However, I have been having quite a bit of difficulty doing this. I have my LaunchKey plugged in via USB to my laptop, I go to the MIDI button at the top right of rekordbox, I'll select the launch key mini, but then no information about mapping appears in any of the columns for "Deck, Pad, Effects, Sampler, Mixer, Browse, etc. What am I missing???

Justin D Answered

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None will appear automatically - you have to add it all yourself. Pick and choose the functions you want to assign, click the LEARN button, then press the button or turn the knob you wish to assign to that function.

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