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"Good Match Combination" location

Is there a single place to find pairs of tracks that I've tagged as "good match combinations" using the specific button in the mixing pane? 

River Bennett Answered

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Unfortunately there is not ... knowing a bit about how they're matched in the database, I don't think it would be an easy thing to show matching pairs in the list either. Sorry.

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The button creates a manual "linking" of those tracks as "matched," and you can view the matched tracks by opening the related tracks panel at the right:

The panel will open and you'll see this:

Clicking one of the "source" buttons at the top will determine how it's showing matches; either a track selected in the list at the left, the master deck, or decks 1-4.

Clicking the blob icon at the top left changes which type of association is used to display the tracks.

Clicking Collection allows you to change where the match is found (it can be narrowed to a specific playlist, or playlists).

Auto can be clicked to change how the info is displayed and sorted.

So back to your original question, I think the "Association" option actually shows the manually matched tracks ... but it's been a while since I've used it, so I can't recall if that's what it's limited to.

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