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Rekordbox Playlist suddenly disappear (0 Tracks) is Empty!!

Hi, I have Rekordbox 5.6 (at Jun 2019), The rekordbox Playlist suddenly disappear (0 Tracks), playlist songs disappear and says 0 tracks but collection remains same. Someone found some solution???,

please PIONEER Helpme by the post or at my WhatsApp +593998762841.

Some Users has the same problem....

Whats going on ?

Byron Calero

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Mine has just started to do the same thing. Whilst playing from a single playlist all of a sudden, and for no reason, all of my playlists go blank and say 0 tracks. I’m running win10 and Recordbox latest version (same as Byron above). The software also stopped mid way through a dry run tonight. An error message popped up and I was forced to shut the programme down. Not good considering I have a wedding to do tomorrow night. I’ve reinstalled Recordbox tonight as I was wondering if a windows update had done anything. The playlists still disappear but I haven’t tried playing for long. The software did do a dump of information into a file which I can send over if I know where. Please help as I have upgraded to the DDJ-RX because my last desk was messing around. Thanks

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