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Cant live sample on DJS 1000 help

I've recently bought a DJS1000 to use with my current setup( XDJ1000 X 2 and a DJM 750) and can't live sample. I've the latest software installed and the lan cable connect too the deck I'm trying to use with no luck. The sync function will work so there is definitely a link between the 2 and also when I do hit recored the sampler with tell me a sample at say 120 bmp is there but no waveform or sound will be available . Has anyone else had this problem ? 

eoghan priestley Answered

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@eoghan > You can connect the DJS-1000 in a few different ways, one of them is by using the S/R loop, another is using the master output and one of the unused channels on the mixer. As @MMC says, you do need an audio connection - the ethernet connection is only to get the tempo and grid lock from the other players.


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You need audio cables as well. From booth/record/whatever output on mixer in to inputs on DJS-1000 then out of DJS-1000 in to an empty channel on the mixer. Make sure the DJS-1000 channel is down when you're trying to sample.

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