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DJM250 mk2 not recognised by Rekordbox as an audio device.

So im trying to record audio from 'real' vinyl not timecoded records, into rekordbox. I have read endless forum posts of similar nature with no luck solving this. I connect DJM250 mk2 with supplied USB cable to my macbook, most recent version of rekordbox installed, drivers etc installed for mixer, firmware updated, macbook updated, rebooted etc etc. Have checked the output settings in the setting utility, set to post fade ch1 & ch2, record out in the last box. DJM250 just is not showing anywhere in the software to select as audio device, its not even showing in my macs audio input / output setting either. Have tried rekordbox in internal & external mode , performance and export and still getting no audio signal from the mixer into the software so i can record it!!! Someone pls help !! 

Jay Bossendorfer Answered

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Chances are when you installed the drivers, you missed the critical step of allowing the OS to actually finish installing them through the security stage.

You'll need to reinstall them - and follow the instructions here.

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