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Database and iTunes troubles on new Macbook

Dear Pioneer DJ,
I've gotten a new Macbook. I've transferred the iTunes library over to my new Macbook and it's working perfectly. The biggest difference between both Macbooks are, unfortunately, the user names. On my old one I had `Firstname' and now I've used `FirstnameLastname`. Don't ask me why, but I've used it for a while already and unable to go back. When I change the username in OS X it ruins other settings and folders.

Now, once I boot up Rekordbox it tries to analyze all files. After I've turned off auto-analyzing, it stops. I've used the backup database functionality and tried to restore it.

Unfortunately, that doesn't work correctly. It shows a double entry for every track, where the location says `.../firstnamelastname/` and the other entry reads `.../FirstnameLastname`.

Old Macbook is still working and isn't cleared yet. It could still be a help, once I know the right way to go.

I've also tried importing the beatgrids from my USB stick and hoped it would overwrite the empty beatgrids, but life isn't simple unfortunately.

I could import every playlist from my USB stick to transfer it, but then it shows a double entry in the collection even though it refers to the same track in iTunes. To clarify; when I right-click + 'show in Finder' on entry #1 with lower cased username in the location it shows the same mp3 as it would for entry #2.

I've tried some tinkering with the settings by changing names, restored the database 10+ times and in the end I've spend 2 workings days on this issue.

I'm lost. Can anyone help me out, please? I would really like to keep using iTunes and not have music files duplicated.

Thanks a lot in advance! Any hints or tips is very much welcome!

Sjoerd R

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Hmm, apparently I solved it somehow. By letting it rest for a while after wasting a lot of time, it suddenly clicked. Maybe someone else runs into the same issues, so leaving it here if someone else runs into the same issues. 

  1. Changed user folder from `firstnamelastname` to `FirstnameLastname`. Somehow RekordBox recognizes the small letters while iTunes shows them in CamelCase. Or the other way around, not sure. 
  2. Selected all tunes in Collection inside Rekordbox, deleted all of them. 4300 tunes, but as they were doubled, they were 8600. Didn't really take a long time, as they were just references to iTunes rather than deletion of 8600 mp3s.
  3. Restarted Rekordbox, just to be sure.
  4. Restored a Rekordbox backup from my old Macbook. This was around 900mb, for 4300 tracks. Once restored, had to restart Rekordbox again as it asks you to do so.
  5. Unable to load tracks, as tracks still referred to `.../Firstname/` rather than my current setup in iTunes, which is `.../FirstnameLastname/`. Clicked 'File' -> 'Find missing files' -> went through my folder structure and found the tune it asked for. Rekordbox then asked me to find other files in the same section. Clicked yes; then it took a while to find 4300 tunes.
  6. Once that was done, everything was back to normal. Analyzed all new tunes that weren't there and it worked again.

I guess the biggest problem was solved in step 1 already. Changing the capital of a letter doesn't influence the folder structure much, but it was the solution to get rid of rekordbox/itunes struggles. It also helped that I had a backup, ready to restore. By reminding the tunes, it automatically picked up the right iTunes library.

I'm currently exporting to an external drive, which is taking quite long though. I guess it's rewriting there as well or something, as I've read somewhere that rekordbox links it to the original path so the syncing of beatgrids back and forth works correctly.

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