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Waveform bug

Greetings. I have an important gig tonight and I have just updated rekordbox to 5.6.0. I also have account on PC (5.5.0.). I have an issue with waveforms, they are reallz low quality and slow. I checked all settings and tried zooming in and out and nothing happens. I hope you guys can help me because they work perfectly on 5.5.0. My laptop specifications are 8Gb RAM SSD256Gb and Intel i7 generation 8.

Tin Sebelja Answered

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There was no change from 5.5 to 5.6, here are side-by-side comparisons:

5.5, default zoom:

5.6, default zoom:

5.5, full zoom:

5.6, full zoom:

Perhaps you changed something in the preferences, although this is usually more to do with the redraw speed than the quality of the waveform itself:

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