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NEED HELP using Rekordbox with DJM Mixer and CDJs


I've been having the issue of the DJM mixer not appearing in the dropdown menu of the audio outputs settings in Rekordbox. I have tried this on a DJM900NXS as well as a DJM900NXS2 and have the same issue with both (I do however see 'built in' & both CDJs as options for audio output). Both DJM drivers have been installed multiple times and I've made sure to be correctly connected using USB cables. I even get a confirmation on the bottom left corner of the window saying the mixer is connected when its plugged in. I get full control in HID mode with the decks yet cannot use the mixer as the main audio output.


Please if anyone can help troubleshoot it would be much appreciated

Derek Pegues Answered

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If you're on a Mac, when you installed the drivers, did you allow the drivers to be fully installed through the OS security?

If not, you may have missed the window and the best bet is to uninstall and reinstall the drivers:

  1. Disconnect the hardware.
  2. Download the driver.
  3. Open the driver package and run the uninstaller file.
  4. Reboot your computer.
  5. Open the driver package and run the driver installation file.
  6. After the installation has completed, give the drivers permission, which either occurs as a pop-up prompting you to open the System Preferences and make the change, or you have to navigate there manually.
  7. Reboot your computer.
  8. Connect the hardware and test as normal.


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I am having this issue also. I bough a new iMac and installed Rekordbox. Rekordbox connects to my mixer but I can not select it in the audio dropdown. My ddj-1000 does the same. Please help! Thank you.

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